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02 September 2004(ros)
Formula 3 Euro Series 2004 - Zandvoort round # 8 - Preview

After two days of test on the Czech racetrack in Brno, this weekend, for their eighth appointment the F3 Euro Series Championship will be back on track. The location being the Dutch circuit of Zandvoort, in the outskirts of Amsterdam where at the beginning of August the traditional F3 Malboro Masters took place. An appealing track due to its geographical location and its layout, a series of slow and fast bends that weave around sand dunes on the shores of the North sea.
On this very rack last year, our driver Ryan Briscoe got an important victory, laid his stakes down on the Championship and went on to win the race in Hockeneheim.
This year the situation is different. Franck Perera an Robert Streit are experiencing their first year and will try to face up to this transfer by getting back into the positions they were used to having in their last two races. Hiranaka, during last year's races on this circuit and in concomitance with DTM, felt confident during qualifications, but was unlucky in the race.
News will interest the Prema team this weekend. The young 18-year-old Nagoya Kohei Hirate, another member of the TDA programme and protagonist of the Formula Renault Championship Italy 2004, will give his debut with the team's fourth vehicle on the Zandvoort racetrack.
His priority, without doubt will be the Formula Italian Renault Championship where three races from the end he is second and only three points behind the leader, boasting the highest number of pole positions and victories. This new experience will allow him to gain more confidence in view of the season 2005.
A great number of people are expected this weekend; in fact, all the grandstand tickets have already been sold.


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