Race No. 2: Round 3/4 Press Release

Date: 07/08 May 2005
Track: Pau/FRA (2,760 km)

Guillaume in the right tempo

Guillaume Moreau’s fans found reasons to be cheerful in Pau. They are used to see the driver from Limoges enjoy himself from «Foch memorial» to «Beaumont Park». Since his motor racing debuts back in 2002, he has always been competitive and successful in the streets of Pau. But we didn’t expect the Signature Rookie to be so high on the result sheets in what was only his second race in Formula 3.
As Loïc Duval finally got his Hockenheim’s result back, Guillaume’s first championship point was withdrawn. But he was highly confident in his chance to score brand new ones in Pau after satisfying free practice sessions « I was 8th quickest on Thursday afternoon, and happy with it because pulling the best out of a Formula 3 car here is something
different from what I experienced before. The speed feeling is incredible, and we brake a lot later. My pedal support didn’t suit me well at the beginning, and after one hour at the wheel,

I got a blister at the right hand. Fortunately, the local Red Cross fixed that efficiently, and it didn’t disturb me at all.»
Qualifying practice sessions are crucial on this particular circuit, and the 23 entries are divided in two groups. Guillaume is part
of group B, the strongest without doubt. He qualified on row 4 for race 1, and on raw 7 for Sunday’s race, the official «65th
Grand Prix de Pau».
On Saturday, Guillaume kept his 7th place at the end of lap 1, after avoiding a collision. Perera and Di Resta’s problems soon
offered him 5th position, and Guillaume then began to think of a plan to pass Di Grassi, a Scottish Renault Driver Development
Program member. He succeeded 4 laps before the chequered flag. A history repeating, if you remember the way
he took the lead to win Formula Renault’s race last year! The action happened at the «Lycée» hairpin, where you
can hardly put two cars side by side. Rename the place «Moreau Corner» could be a good idea! « Lucas was fair
enough to leave enough room. I wanted a top 5, so everyone at Signature was satisfied I finished 4th and first
Sunday’s task was harder. But Guillaume’s 13th position on the grid had but one effect: an even greater motivation!
« My start was good, but Guerrieri took me close to the wall, so I was forced to lift. It has been an exciting race, I
overtook Götz at the «Railway Station» corner, and a few laps later, I was so hot on Neuhauser and Guerrieri’s
wheels that they finally spun together.» Guillaume then met his «comrade» Di Grassi. Tenth after tenth, he got
closer and closer, but not enough to challenge him for 7th place.
Coming home 8th, Guillaume got another championship point, won the Rookie category again, caught the lead
of the Rookie Cup and 6th position of the overall provisional classification. « I couln’t miss this race with all my friends
and most important sponsors in the grandstands.» But he has to keep on pushing, and he will face two other
legendary circuits in two consecutive week-ends: Spa-Francorchamps and Monaco, no more, no less!

Rookies Cup 2005 (after 4/20 races) races): 1 Guillaume Moreau (F) 33; 2 Sebastian Vettel (D) 30; 3 Atila Abreu (BRA) 27…



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