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08 April 2005
Formula 3 Asia
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Mikola tops testing times

Ananda Mikola dominated practice for Sunday’s Addict Mobile Batangas Asian F3 Superprix, setting fastest time in all but one session, and he sat that session out! Christian Jones, John O’Hara and Dado Pena were close for second fastest. Moreno Soeprapto was quickest Promotions Class driver from impressive rookies Greg Murphy and Renan Morales.

Times were Mikola 1m 23.0, Christian Jones and John O’Hara 1m 23.4, Dado Pena 1m 23.6, Winslow 1m 23.9, Avila 1m 24.2, Tyson Sy 1m 24.3 and Marave 1m 24.7. Promotion Class Moreno 1m 26.3, Murphy 1m 27.7, Renan Morales 1m 29.2, Enzo Pastor 1m 29.4, John Marcelo 1m 29.9, JP Tuason 1m 30.7 and JP Carino 1m 31.2.

Pena missed the last session after going off heavily at the notorious “Brian’s” corner inflicting a fair bit of damage to the car whilst Jones had little running due to a broken “diff” and two punctures. O’Hara, Carino and Murphy all had “offs” fortunately without sustaining major damage.

The Indonesian brothers are both dominating their respective classes and it will be a surprise if they do not qualify on pole tomorrow for their respective classes. O’Hara reckons Mikola is “making everyone look stupid” whilst Pena and Jones seem confident they can find that bit extra required to challenge Mikola.



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