Race No. 3: Qualifying Round 5/6

Date: 25 June 2005
Track: Estoril/POR (4,360 km)
Press Release Racing Engineering

Ricardo Risatti takes pole position in Estoril!

A pole position and 2nd place on the grid obtained by Ricardo Risatti together with the good qualifying results of his teammates confirm the dominance of Racing Engineering in the Spanish Formula 3 Championship.
Based on the two Saturday qualifying sessions and Racing Engineering’s outstanding performance at the Portuguese track in the past, the team’s expectations for Sunday’s races are high and victory should be within reach.

Until now Racing Engineering’s Argentine driver Ricardo Risatti had frequently been fighting for top positions on the starting grid, but never in such a dominating way as he has
demonstrated at the Estoril Circuit. During the 1st qualifying session, only a problem with the clutch and bad luck kept Caito from taking pole position, which was halfway through and he lost only a few seconds before the end of the session.
These minor technical problems on Caito’s car were fixed before the 2nd qualifying session and he underlined his morning results by being in 1st position throughout the whole session.
He has been the strongest and most consistent driver so far during this weekend.
Javier Villa, leader of the Championship, wasn’t as lucky.
Problems with the set up of his car, which could be partially solved from one session to the other, didn’t allow the young Spaniard to fight for the 1st row on the grid. He will start Sunday’s races from 6th and 3rd position, positions.
This will make it harder for him to obtain his goal of making it to the top of the podium, but nevertheless supply him with the charge to fight for victory.
Filipe Albuquerque was the big surprise during the two qualifying sessions after already marking the fastest time in Friday’s free practice. The Portuguese Racing Engineering driver, celebrating his debut in single seater racing this season, showed continuous improvement in his performance
since the beginning of the season. In both qualifying sessions of Filipe’s home race, the Portuguese driver convinced by a solid performance and will start Sunday’s races from the promising 5th and 4th position.
In the B Category Marcos Martinez Ucha recorded the 7th fastest time during the 1st qualifying, which he was to improve during the second qualifying, where he finished in 5th position.

After the two qualifying sessions Ricardo “Caito” Risatti commented, “During the 1st session I had a problem with the clutch which caused me to lose pole position. It’s a pity, since
I know that without this problem I would have started Sunday’s first race from pole position. However, I was able to keep 2nd position on the grid. During the 2nd qualifying
session, everything went really well and I was able to make my 1st pole position in this Championship. I actually think I could have improved my time some more since during my
fastest lap I had to overtake two other cars, but in the end it was sufficient. I am very confident for tomorrow as my engineer and my mechanics have prepared me an spectacular car”.
Alfonso de Orleans stated, “After being able to help Javier obtain his 1st pole position in the Spanish Formula 3 Championship we are very happy that we could also support
Ricardo in taking his 1st pole in this championship. I think all our boys have done a really good job today. Now we have to see how their good positions on the grid will develop in
tomorrow’s race, but I am confident”.

1st Qualifying:
1. Andy Soucek R. Llusia Racing 1’35.395
2. Ricardo Risatti Racing Engineering 1’35.721
3. Jose M. Perez Aicart GTA Motor Competicion 1’35.791
4. Alvaro Barba Campos Racing 1’35.843
5. Filipe Albuquerque Racing Engineering 1’35.898
6. Javier Villa Racing Engineering 1’35.935
7. Roldan Rodriguez Campos Racing 1’36.044
8. Manuel Saez Merino ECA Racing 1’36.293
9. Dani Martin ECA Racing 1’36.547
10.Manel Cerqueda GTA Motor Competicion 1’36.595
17.Marcos Martinez Racing Engineering 1’37.433

2nd Qualifying:
1. Ricardo Risatti Racing Engineering 1’35.362
2. Jose M. Perez Aicart GTA Motor Competicion 1’35.382
3. Javier Villa Racing Engineering 1’35.491
4. Filipe Albuquerque Racing Engineering 1’35.504
5.Alvaro Barba Campos Racing 1’35.612
6. Andy Soucek R. Llusia Racing 1’35.773
7. Dani Martin ECA Racing 1’35.959
8. Roldan Rodriguez Campos Racing 1’35.994
9. Marco Barba Campos Racing 1’36.246
10.Manuel Saez Merino ECA Racing 1’36.302
13.Marcos Martinez Racing Engineering 1’36.876


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